SAFE-CITIES Hackathon: Help Us Refine Our Solutions and Win a Reward!

If you are an IT specialist, related professional, security practitioner, student of a relevant course, or volunteer, you are invited to participate in the SAFE-CITIES Hackathon organised on 26th June 2024 in Crete by our project.

The 2nd Edition of the SAFE-CITIES Newsletter Released!

Discover the dynamic progress of the SAFE-CITIES project with the release of the second edition of our newsletter. Highlights include groundbreaking achievements, insights from pilot events, and collaborative efforts with sister projects.


SHIELD4CROWD establishes a baseline for European pre-commercial procurement (PCP) and technical innovation to protect public spaces.

The 2nd SAFE-CITIES Pilot Exercises is Behind Us

It’s hard to believe how quickly time flies. Less than a year after the SAFE-CITIES first face-to-face meeting in Italy, we have already completed the second pilot exercises, which took place on October 11-12 in Larnaca, Cyprus.

Take Part in the SAFE-CITIES Hackathon!

The SAFE-CITIES Consortium organises the hackathon, which will be held on October 12, 2023 in Larnaca, Cyprus. The main aim of the meeting will be testing and validation of the SVA (Security and Vulnerability Assessment).


PRECRISIS is a 2-year project and aims to promote integrated smarter innovative security through the empowerment of law enforcement authorities, first responders, local managers of public spaces, and related security stakeholders, enhancing public-private cooperation.


APPRAISE will develop and validate a state-of-the-art framework for soft target protection with a particular focus on active, audited, and well-defined information and intelligence exchange among private and public sector security practitioners to enable an effective collaboration, at the information and the operational levels.


The SHRINEs project has the ambition of enhancing the security and safety of places of worship, while creating an interfaith and multidisciplinary network to raise awareness of the current risks and threats in places of worship.

Project in a

The SAFE-CITIES project aims to help to protect public spaces by providing a security and vulnerability assessment framework supported by an interactive platform.

The mentioned assessment leads to recommendations of actions for current and future-planned spaces to be adjusted so that the risks identified within the first phase are consequently and effectively mitigated.

The platform will enable the simulation of complex scenarios, taking into account the behaviour of the crowd and various types of attacks in any space in a realistic 3D virtual environment, allowing for comprehensive and dynamic risk and vulnerability assessments of the tested locations.

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SAFE-CITIES aims to develop a series of tools that will improve the security of public areas, critical infrastructure and soft targets. Which challenges will be addressed?
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(Risk-Based Approach for the Protection of Public Spaces in European Cities)
SAFE-CITIES has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101073945

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