The SAFE-CITIES project approach bases on fostering bi-directional communication and cooperation with all practitioners and clustering with relevant projects. Broad involvement of interested parties in our work and connections with similar initiatives are factors, which have positive impact on final results and their usefulness.

The SAFE-CITIES Community consists of actors involved in public spaces security area representing various specialisations dealing with this crucial topic. We cooperate with members in the way that enables them to influence ongoing work progresses. We believe this way SAFE-CITIES can meet current needs and challenges related to public areas and their safety.  

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SAFE-CITIES received direct grant from the EU Commission to address problems related to safety of public areas. Therefore, our team designed objectives corresponding with mentioned challenges, gaps and needs of parties involved in this topic.

One of the main goal is to improve the security of European cities and public spaces. Close cooperation with other related projects funded and accepted by EU bodies is important to achieve. Thus, SAFE-CITIES supports other relevant initiatives to promote their results and make connections

Relevant Initiatives


SHIELD4CROWD establishes a baseline for European pre-commercial procurement and technical innovation to protect public spaces.


PRECRISIS is a 2-year project and aims to promote integrated smarter innovative security through the empowerment of practitioners.


APPRAISE will develop a state-of-the-art framework for soft target protection with a focus on information and intelligence exchange.


The SHRINEs project has the ambition of enhancing the security and safety of places of worship, while creating a multidisciplinary network.


ENLETS brings together representatives from European Union member states. The main task of the Network is to monitor security technologies.


PREVENT PCP focuses on augmenting the security in public transport and public areas through procurement of technology solutions.
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(Risk-Based Approach for the Protection of Public Spaces in European Cities)
SAFE-CITIES has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101073945

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