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General Assembly Meeting & “Evaluation of SVA Methodology” Workshop

The event starts on:
16 May 2023
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The SAFE-CITIES consortium organises its second General Assembly Meeting and a workshop that will focus on Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA). The event will be held on May 16-17th at the Gdansk Stadium in Poland.

Last year, the SAFE-CITIES team met in Genoa during the kick-off meeting in December. Since then, they have been busy with a variety of activities: these include developing the baseline SVA framework, creating the theoretical approach to the participatory model, designing the SAFE-CITIES platform architecture, making initial developments to the simulation platform, as well as preparing for this event and creating communication and dissemination materials. Thanks to the plan that was drafted during the preparatory stage and its successful implementation, the project’s development is on track. During the first day, we will present these developments as a main point of discussion at the General Assembly Meeting.

The second part of the event will focus on evaluating of SVA methodology in the context of public spaces protection. The stakeholders invited by the SAFE-CITIES’ partners will be testing proposed methods and sharing their knowledge and expertise in the field of safety in public spaces. Practitioners will be participating in the practical workshop and tabletop exercises. Outcomes will be very significant and provide valuable information that will feed into future works.

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