SAFE-CITIES kick-off meeting in Genoa

The SAFE-CITIES Kick-off Meeting in Genoa

The event starts on:
13 December 2022
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The SAFE-CITIES project has started in December 2022, and for most of the consortium partners, the meeting in Genoa, Italy (13-14.12.2023) was the first opportunity to talk face-to-face and plan our further work.

Many cities in Europe struggle with keeping public spaces safe. However, procedures and available tools are still not sufficient to ensure it. This is a challenge for the entire sector dealing with public security. The SAFE-CITIES project is our response to this issue. The future platform developed within this project will gather different tools, available in the field of public space security, and enable training on this topic.   

This software will collect and share scenarios of potential emergency situations and tools to facilitate incident management. Thanks to this, practitioners will be able to react faster and more effectively to the crisis. Preventing and fighting fires in buildings, as well as dealing with the dispersion of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear substances will be presented on the platform also.  

During the kick-off meeting, partners of SAFE-CITIES strengthened relations within the consortium. We discussed the most important issues of the upcoming work on this innovative method. We went step by step through all the work packages to plan the next actions. The first months of the project’s implementation are crucial to building a solid basis for further work. According to this, we made an effort to draft directions for activities before the event. Then we worked on them through the discussion between institutions involved in SAFE-CITIES.

We look forward to the upcoming months and all challenges that SAFE-CITIES will respond to. As a team, we believe our work will improve the capabilities of LEAs in dealing with dangerous situations in public spaces.

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(Risk-Based Approach for the Protection of Public Spaces in European Cities)
SAFE-CITIES has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101073945

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