SAFE-CITIES Hackathon: Help Us Refine Our Solutions and Win a Reward!

The event starts on:
26 June 2024
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If you are an IT specialist, related professional, security practitioner, student of a relevant course, or volunteer, you are invited to participate in the SAFE-CITIES Hackathon organised on 26th June 2024 in Crete by our project.

Why Do We Need Your Help?

SAFE-CITIES is a European project aimed at safeguarding public spaces by offering specialised tools to assist security stakeholders’ work. The innovative solutions stemming from the project include a Security and Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) Framework, empowered by a decision-support platform. Explore our website to learn more.

The solutions developed by SAFE-CITIES, despite their potential for innovation, won’t meet the needs of end-users unless they are easy, quick, and efficient to use. For this reason, the hackathon will serve as a platform to test and explore the SAFE-CITIES tools as part of our platform and SVA methodology. Our main goal is to collect technical and functional feedback on the current tools and prototypes, with an emphasis on user experience.

How Will It Be Organised?

The SAFE-CITIES Hackathon will take place alongside the 18th Symposium and Summer School on Service-Oriented Computing – SummerSOC. It will last one full day and is open to interested participants from SummerSOC, as well as the broader industrial and academic community.

Participants will form small teams (2-3 members) to tackle specific SAFE-CITIES challenges. Each team will represent a diverse set of skills and will have around 6 hours to delve into the SAFE-CITIES Platform, tools, and methodologies. At the hackathon’s conclusion, teams will present their findings to a panel of judges.

Why Should I Participate?

The top three teams will be awarded, with a total prize pool of €2000. The winning team will also get a unique chance to participate in the project’s final demonstration, a cross-border event in Italy and Slovenia (in the cities of Gorizia and Nova Gorica).

More details and the agenda will be provided soon.

Any questions? Contact us!

Malgorzata Wolbach
SAFE-CITIES Hackathon Team


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