SAFE-CITIES Newsletter - 1st issue.

The 1st Issue of the SAFE-CITIES Newsletter is Now Available!

The partners of SAFE-CITIES make effort to have a positive impact on the protection of public spaces. That’s why this project was launched. Check out the current status of our works.

This time we focused on introducing the key interests areas of SAFE-CITIES. The background information on issues related to the safety in public spaces can help to fully understand the main motivations of the project team and goals to achieve.

The upcoming event in Gdansk is the next step on our list of milestones. The team will participate in the General Assembly meeting, but the most important part will be a workshop on evaluation of Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) methodology. You can read more about this in the newsletter.

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(Risk-Based Approach for the Protection of Public Spaces in European Cities)
SAFE-CITIES has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101073945

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